The Project



What is the project about?
The Projects overall AIM is offering a program to help aspiring teacher-leaders, in developing more sophisticated management orientated skill, increase their preparation and readiness to manage their workload, while learn how to sustain and empower others and how to lead teams for the benefit of their schools.

Why are we doing the project?
• Aspiring leaders or middle leaders in an education setting need to develop more sophisticated management orientated skills and collaborative practices to increase their preparation and readiness to manage their workload, sustain others in their professional growth and lead teams to work on school improvement and development.
• Aspiring leaders or middle leaders in an education-settings have the experience in teaching but LACK the additional management and leadership soft skills required to support others while dealing with their tasks, readiness to manage their workload, sustain others in their professional growth and lead teams to work on school improvement and development.
• EU countries have different framework to evaluate school leaders, but the applied methods are lacking in ASSESSING if the candidate do possess competences as: effective leadership, ability to motivate staff, lead the development of teaching practice and teacher leadership.
• Newly qualified teachers have a good set of skills and knowledge on their subject matter but when entering the profession, many find real school environments challenging and some drop out of the profession. The possibility for offering more targeted support to help novice teachers develop competences and resilience, enhances the quality of teaching and reduces costly exit from the profession

What will we achieve from the project?
• Improved skills and competences in TEACHERS LEADERS (time management, business self-awareness, managing people and having difficult conversations with colleagues, leadership/supervision skills, adaptability, problem solving, critical observation, reporting and monitoring performance, strategic thinking)
• Increased capacity by both teacher-leaders and novice teachers in using collaborative work methods and career-long professional development, and use of digital technologies with confidence
• Increased capacity in teacher leaders in fostering others, support professional improvement, coaching and mentoring (younger) colleagues
• Enhanced quality of teaching with the use of digital technologies and online assessment methods Improved capacity and expertise of the PARTNERS AND TRAINERS resulting from the collaboration, the transnational training, piloting of the program and interaction with other professionals during the implementation of the project

Impact of the project
• Better management, communication, flexibility, team-orientation, increased time management, motivation, and increased sense of confidence, increased capacity to organize work and activities for themselves and for their teams.
• Effective school leadership impacts positively on student achievement, teaching quality and staff motivation.
• Increased shared vision and motivation for school development and innovation
• Increased attractiveness of the teacher-leaders/managerial position
• Increased all-around skills needed both management and instruction.
• Increased preparation and ongoing support they need for these different tasks.
• Increased ability to re-organise classroom time and approaches, stimulate school development and share responsibilities among a wider group of staff.
• Increased capacity for managing HR and other material resources
• Increased recruitment, preparation and professional development of school leaders
• Improved collaborative environments and enhanced capacity for peer collaboration both virtual and local