Desktop Research Summary


The Research Summary is a compilation of the findings from desk top research conducted by the project partners. It illustrates the key issues facing aspiring or middle leaders in their retrospective countries and focuses on the training offered to support teachers are who are acquiring additional leadership responsibilities.

The research found that there are very limited training opportunities available for aspiring and middle leaders. This limited training is normally delivered using a fixed, traditional training format which is rarely designed around individual needs.

Training rarely considers the specific demands of leadership roles nor is considered in the context of longer-term professional development. The level of control the State (central or local government) has in the administration and management of schools appears to be a significant factor in how educational leadership is governed and experienced.

Key Finding 1:       Pathways into middle management are often ill defined.
Key Finding 2:       Training for middle managers is often not tailored to their distinct function.
Finding 3:              Training often follows traditional teaching approaches.
Finding 4:              Coaching and mentoring for middle and aspiring managers is often not available despite its potential value.
Finding 5                Resilience and wellbeing for aspiring and middle managers.

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