Create Partnership Trust is a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) which was established in September 2016 in Birmingham, West Midlands. The MAT is made up of 4 large primary schools (4 to 11 years with over 2580 students) and a regionally recognized teaching school. The schools within the MAT are Greet Primary, Conway Primary, Brookfields Primary and Hodge Hill Primary along with the Greet Teaching School. Create Partnership Trust is a young MAT but with high aspirations for its stakeholders, aiming to create futures for all. In a relatively short period we have established strong governance and leadership structures as the foundation for future growth.

The Trust Schools are based in some of the UKs most deprived areas and as such face a range of challenges to raise educational attainment in the young people we support and play a key role within the local community.

Our mission is to create ever better learning outcomes and secure futures for our children and schools, based on a collaborative culture with shared values and a clear moral purpose. 

We have aspiring leaders in our organization that require ‘soft skills’ to assist them in their development towards the skills required for leadership. Being part of the SKILL-AED project will provide us with a learning platform that we can share with our staff as part of their continuous professional development.





is a non-profit association founded in 2012, specialised in training courses and development activities. The association offers a great variety of training courses, workshops and laboratories on various subjects, such as language, ICT, coding, computer programming, accountancy, economics, tourism and many more. The association currently delivers trainings to more than 200 learners / yearly, aged from 18 to 65 years, including young, adults, VET learners, apprentices, high education learners and private companies. It also provides all-in-one support, from balance of competence to learning outcome assessment, as well as contractual procedures for new hires, professional growth planning projects together with different local partners.

The association is well-respected for the quality of their courses and their attentive consideration of individual needs in order to create equal opportunities for training, employment and social inclusion.

Since the beginning of their activities, the association has been building a strong and wide network at regional level, including local administrations and several companies and professionals from different backgrounds, such as NGO, cultural associations, training institutions, companies, townships. PROGETTO MARCONI is accredited by the Piedmont Regional government to deliver professional and vocational courses, is certified ISO 9001:2008 and accredited to the found FORMATEMP to deliver trainings to companies and employees.
The association has recently started to participate in EU projects and is an active partner in the development of trainings, teaching methodologies and training materials and contents to meet the needs of the selected target groups.




PontoPR (PONTOPR) is a specialist ICT research & development, training and education/business whose scope of work covers areas such as mobile applications, web marketing, web crm/erp, web development, investigation, modelling and development of information systems, data mining and business consulting. PontoPR is currently developing new areas of work around support for SME and Micro businesses through ICT and social networking tools to stimulate learning, mobility and business development.

PontoPR works with both regional and national business partners across Portugal and EU Countries and has staff with good recent experience of developing e-support structures within national and EU projects across transnational partnerships.

PontoPR has offices in Porto and Lisbon. At our offices in Porto, we’re very lucky to be located right besides Douro river which allows our staff to enjoy spectacular view from our working areas and enjoyable walks alongside the river for relaxation time and or getting lunch in any of the local businesses.

With 8 specialist staff and growing, PontoPR is part of a group of companies with over 20 experts in ICT, Design, Product design, Multimedia, e-Learning, Training, Communications and Energy solutions development. PontoPR can bring considerable expertise to projects and offers extensive links to support piloting and dissemination of activities.

PontoPR is closely connected with an Arts, Dance and Performing Arts Association, which brings the expertise and knowledge around teaching methodologies and working with youth on the pursuit of knowledge, physical training, healthy eating & living, sports and excellence targeting.

PontoPR is also connected with Parents Associations which allows it to have a clear and updated view of the needs and challenges that schools have and present their students, staff, teachers and aspiring teachers-leaders with a focus on creativity, skills enhancing (creative, entrepreneurial, and other) and cv enrichment.

Altogether, the key staff from PontoPR are responsible for the creation or co-creation of 4 successful companies (and a few not so successful as it is normal when you live for entrepreneurship, ideas end business development) , being references and major players in areas such as Home Automation, IOT software development, Energy and TELCOS Management Applications, e-Commerce & Market Place and Price Comparison and Price Benchmark on web platforms. We have a strong entrepreneurial vein that keeps us active in the pursue of the next big thing.

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ENOROS Consulting Ltd


Established in 2006 and has been active ever since in Management Consulting offering high quality services to the public and private sector, on planning and management of EU resources.

ENOROS specializes also in the evaluation of Operational Programs and projects both at national level and within the framework of the EU, focusing on Human Resources (employment, education, training, VET, etc) and Regional Policy. 




ONAGEB is a training and educative centre composed of experienced trainers with more than 18 years experienced in adult education teaching as well as development of adult education contents and methodology. Our staff’s expertise is the basis for the provision of high quality services such as training evaluation, development of instruments for training analysis, development of innovative concepts for the acquisition of adult education competencies, including development and evaluation of learning modules.

ONAGEB.SPAIN aims to initiate and to promote projects aimed at the development of the region in the field of development of adult education. ONAGEB.SPAIN proposes its services and competences in terms of management and coordination of projects by developing transnational cooperation and partnerships.

The purpose of our trainings in Adult Education is to assist adults and young learners in obtaining the knowledge and skills necessary for work, further education, family self-sufficiency, and community involvement. Our wide range of training methodologies made us collaborate with different and various organizations, collaborating with Public Bodies and social agents in the design, delivery, monitoring and evaluations of programs addressed to different group of learners, always creating and managing training services in order to achieve learning-teaching methodologies through social sensitization.

Our trainings are delivered to learners aged from 14 – 60, covering, in this way, all kind of different trainings and methodologies which must be applied to Youth, Adults, VET learners, High Education, ToT (Train of Trainers), social teaching ( disadvantaged groups of learners)and Private company training modules.